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Bone Regeneration

Regeneration of lost bone and tissue supporting the teeth can reverse some of the serious damage caused by periodontal disease. Your periodontist at Justin Family Dentistry may recommend regenerative procedure after finding out that the bone supporting your teeth has been destroyed as a result of periodontal disease.

During regenerative procedures, your Justin periodontist folds back the gum tissue to remove the disease-causing bacteria. Membranes, bone grafts or tissue-stimulating proteins are sometimes used to stimulate your body's natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue. Grafting bone, regenerating tissue and removing existing bacteria help in reducing pocket depth and repair the damage caused by advancing periodontal disease. A combination of daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care will help increase your chances of keeping your natural teeth and decreasing the risks of other oral health problems associated with periodontal disease.

For more information on bone grafting and tissue regeneration in Justin, please contact our office at 940-784-5100.

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